I’m currently torturing myself with a thesis about gender history. Not that I want to. The moment I’m done I’ll be running towards a new torture, graduate level, but back here in Mexico, if you’re a public university student you have to suck it and write a thesis even if your plan is to move right up to a graduate level.

Even if most of them end up being useless idols of boredom and futility that’ll decorate our families bookshelves, you still have to do it. Even if that puts mexican students behind any kind of reasonable competitive level against other countries, and this means that at age 25 we’re still doing an undergraduate thesis and there are people our same age doing postdosc everywhere else. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything like that… just sayin’.

7 thoughts on “The-thesis-that-must-not-be-named

  1. for what it’s worth, those young American or European PhD’s doing their first postdoc at 25 will probably be doing their third or fourth posdoc at 36 or 37 in a country probably tens of thousands of kilometers away from their own, where they still won’t be able to get a job in their field of specialty because of the high rate of graduate unemployment…

    • Thanks Ivan! It might be politically incorrect to say so, but it doesn’t hurt to know that us mexican students aren’t the only ones finding senseless obstacles in our way that were put there by the system.

  2. I work at a University – and well students seems to move at different speeds! Some zipping through and not enjoying the atmosphere of academic life – and others seeming to never want to leave!

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