Where did it come from?

When somebody makes you feel like the creepy cat lady, all you wanna talk about is how you’re NOT like any of the crazy cat ladies out there, and then it just gets worse… So in my opinion, once somebody has given you the look, the best you can do is a) ignore them and hope it’ll pass away, or b) show them just how looney you are by getting them to remove themselves from your view range if they don’t want to be attacked with hairballs.

Problem is, I can’t quite control my hairballs anymore. And it’s not that I don’t do cat hair raids before I go out, it’s just that this tricky element has found a way into what I seem to consider acceptable house flora, and as such I may forget to take it off of things such as backpacks, purses or coats I grab the second before I run out the door. If that happens, I probably won’t notice it until I hear a comment on the line of “where the hell did all this hair come from?”, at which point I’ll try to discreetly move away before anyone’s eyes end up on my stuff. Or it may just happen that I have no way out of the situation because the trail leads inexorably back to me, as in the half-joke, half-claim I heard not too long ago by a friend who owns a cat: “The other day I was wearing my favorite sweater, which I always make sure has absolutely no cat hair on. Then I hugged you…”

So unless I want to be permanently hug-banned or worse even by those who have achieved some level of cat hair tolerance, I’ll have to start designing an action plan regarding my little issue, any ideas?

In the meantime, I guess I’ll try to fight my urge of walking around life like this:



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