This is (not) a happy post

Someone told me the other day that I have a good, though somewhat sad, blog. I made the point that I thought my blog was at least sometimes a little bit funny; the answer was: “yeah, if by funny you mean having a dark twisted humor”.

Now, since this person happened to be my BF, and since I sort of value his opinion more than that from the rest of  humankind, I’m determined to writing at least one happy post every once in a while…well, maybe once every other ice age.

That being said, my Monday started in a very sh*tty way. I didn’t have my morning coffee, I messed up at work first thing in the morning, and I had an absolute lack of energy despite having agreed yesterday to a painful and dangerous torture that promised to give me more energy (also know as a B-vitamin injection). My day didn’t look to good, I was already swearing and feeling very depressed, and it wasn’t even 10 am!

Still, right now I’m feeling better and my afternoon has the unique opportunity of picking me up. I’m gonna eat with BF, have an afternoon coffee, and rant away in therapy, after which maybe I’ll feel up for preparing my stuff  for tomorrow and avoiding being in a hurry in the morning.

This is as happy as I can get right now, but I promise I’ll try not to always be so dark and twisted, though I must say it sounds far more interesting than being a happy-go-lucky girl (or maybe I’m just saying this because I don’t know how to be a little carefree?).

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday!

8 thoughts on “This is (not) a happy post

    • Thank you. Sadly, things didn’t get any better. My car went dead and my place’s gas got shot off by mistake so now I can’t even count on that hot bath to make up for my mondayish Monday, but hey, the good news is it’s almost over!

  1. Been there, done that. Nobody is capable of fully understanding mental illness unless the person in question is one of the “haunted”… just like we are. I read your posts and sometimes it feels like I wrote them. Our minds function differently. People sometimes think I’m “blue” because I choose to be not because there is a very-real-disease behind it. Darkness comes in waves. October is always my darkest month… even bathing is a huge effort. Sigh… Anyway, enough about me. If you ever need to talk or rant, I’m always around. Know that you’re not alone. God Bless and Protect you!

    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment, I really appreciated it. Indeed, sometimes society can make me feel like it’s my fault to feel like I do, or that I’m going through this because I want to, and that is sooo not the case. I would love to talk and rant with you 🙂

      • It’s NOT your fault. Our genes are, mostly, responsible. Our minds are bombs on edge not because we want to, but because that’s the way they’re wired. Some suffer from cancer, diabetes or arthritis… we suffer from mental illness. Don’t listen to those who interfere and give you “advice” as to how to “get out of your imaginary situation”. Nobody in my family dares to talk about this subject in front of me… Unless, they’re prepared for a long and very documented rant. LOL…:)

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