Bad sushi

I absolutely adore Japanese food. I could it eat every day for the rest of my life. The rice, the noodles, the sushi, the soups, all of it. So yesterday, after yet another gray day, I decided the higlight of  it could be treating myself with some sushi. Around 5pm I ordered some rice and a roll from my favorite place. I didn’t have dinner and for a change I went to bed not too late, only to wake up at 2 in the morning feeling so nauseous I could barely make it on time to the bathroom. I don’t know how many times I puked before the sickness went down to my stomach and D (no, not depression, the other D) made it’s grand appeareance.

Long story short, when it was time to get up and go to work I was a wreck and had to ask willingly for the sadistic procedure of getting an injection. I just can’t afford to skip another day of work, especially not today. Good news is the kids got out early today so I only had to teach 3 classes. Bad news is they got out early because we the teachers are in for one of our monthly marathonical meetings so I’m stuck here until 4 in the afternoon (in case you are putting two and two together, yes, I’m writing this post while I should be working. Bad employee, bad, bad employee 😉 )

The thing I’m wondering is, does it ever get any easier? I mean working. Or is it always gonna be a struggle while I’m dealing with D (no, not the stomach-D, the other one) Because it’s been almost four months since I started here and it’s not getting easier. Or is it difficult because this is not my passion? What I want to do is research. For those of you who don’t know, I studied Latin American Studies and I’m specializing in Gender History. Now THAT is my passion. Except I can’t go after it until I finish the-thesis-that-must-not-be-named, and so the vicious circle continues.

Go to work? I'd rather stay curled up inside this blanky!

Go to work? I’d rather stay curled up inside this blanky!

15 thoughts on “Bad sushi

    • I know! It’s just that things in Mexico are very very wrong both in the health and employment areas. My absences due to depression would most certainly never count as justified either. I too hope bad sushi isn’t the end of my love for it, but I’ve to say right now I feel like I could never eat it again lol.

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