Back to where I started

I almost made it, but as the day closes in on me, I’ve surrendered. I managed to keep at bay all the dark thoughts throughout this cold sunny Sunday, but it’s stronger than me. It doesn’t matter that I don’t wanna think this thoughts because I feel them, right in the middle of my chest. It’s this pain that announces angst and anxiety are back and having a picnic on me. I wish there was a way of rationally making it go away, but there isn’t, at least I haven’t been succesful in any of my attempts so far.

It wasn’t all bad though, before the my demons arrived I managed to get some work and reading done (something quite unusual in me for a Sunday), and I think I’m even gonna put some words on the-thesis-that-must-not-be-named after this short hi-there-post. I think today was a little better because vacations are getting closer and closer. They’re the ones I’ve needed the most since I don’t know when. And what’s best, I won’t have to deal with Xmas and family. This year I get to run away and enjoy with BF at the beach, yay!

As for the mushroom kitties, I’m happy to report they’ve all been successfully neutered in a non-invasive micro-surgery facilitated by the fact that they’re all boys. Three of them have been moved to another temporary home since no matter how much I care for them, the levels of cat-crazyness were peaking over here with no sign on the horizon of a permanent home. It’s sad how picky people can be when adopting pets. If they are looking to foster a cat, how can they possibly care about it being gray or black, boy or girl? So I’m now actively searching for homes for these fungus-free kitties, before Mrs. Gobby truly convinces herself  she’s the mother of the remaining naughty pair.

How could you say no to these little faces?

How could you say no to these little faces?

Mrs. Gobby upon hearing she's not the mother of the babies.

Mrs. Gobby upon hearing she’s not the mother of the babies.

8 thoughts on “Back to where I started

  1. Sorry for your Sunday blues, I haven’t been sleeping so I forgot to stop by earlier. Hopefully the day was better than some. So happy those mushroom kitties are better so cute.
    Best wishes and be well

    • Thanks and thanks! 🙂 I don’t think I’m gonna have them very much longer, kittens are usually placed easily, it just bothered me how a couple of interested people in the end said no because of meaningless details like their color or sex. Hope you have a good time at the movies!

  2. I hope your low mood has lifted. It sucks when it just decides to stick with you. I dont know how you can say no to the cute little furry faces. I want them all! BUT I stick to my two boys. Mrs Gobby is beautiful too. I love them all, boys, girls, black, white. If I could foster, I wouldnt care! 🙂 Kat

    • Thanks Kat! If I could keep them I would also. Today was not great either, but i’m hanging in there 🙂 (Have you noticed how much alike our avatars are? it’s funny, they’re like yin-yang or something)

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