So much to think about over these holidays, for example: How much do we waste or take for granted?

Endless Light and Love

As I sit here watching this short video, I wonder how we will spend the next couple of days!…We will all rush out and buy more food and fill our tables with every possible treat known to mankind, we will celebrate New Years Eve with family and friends and we will ask for the New Year to bring us even more of everything we desire and we will eat and eat until we are fit to burst!

I wonder how the family in the video will spend their New Year?



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  1. i was from lower level and therefore never wasting, even my living status now has been improved a lot. however, those rich or the youth in hong kong are still wasting, they are full of luck in their lives. i was thinking how could let them know there are some people starving in other side of the world?! but it may helpless as they may not care!

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