Thesis rant

Why is it so hard? Is it supposed to be like this? I swear I’ve been working all day and when I looked, I realized I’d only written about 2 pages and still have at least four more pages to write. When I was still taking courses it wasn’t so hard. I could sit down at 8 o’clock at night, maybe even 9 or 10, and I could write down a 15 pages long essay that was due the next morning, and still get a pretty good grade. Where is that girl? I need her so very much.

I just feel so desperate, it’s like swimming real hard to get to the shore, but you’re barely moving because the tide is so strong, and you see the shore, and you know you’re close, but you just can’t get there and you get so tired and frustrated you feel you’re gonna drown any second. That’s how I feel. I hope it goes away soon. I hope the apple cinnamon tea I just made for myself washes these feelings away.

I need to write two 25 pages long chapters for Jan 15. Right now I’ve been working on one that’s already 21 pages long, but I just can’t seem to be able to finish it. The other one… well I don’t even want to look at it but it must be about 8 pages long if I’m lucky.

BF says it’s normal, that it’s only my second day back after the Xmas break, that it’s not acceptable to say I can’t, I’m just simply off-court and need to get back on track. Maybe I’m just too hasty and terrible at waiting to see results.

I do have to say the comments from yesterday’s post helped a lot, and I’m already following your advice so I hope to see the outcome soon.

Anyways, my rant is over. Thanks for bearing with me. I’ll now get back to working on my little monster.

19 thoughts on “Thesis rant

  1. I have no real good advice to share, but I’m sending good thoughts that you get into a writing flow maybe! Good luck with your little monster. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain! But you are an amazing person- so intelligent and full of life! I am 100% certain that I could not write a thesis in Spanish. You are attempting an incredible feat, so my first piece of advice is: STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!!!! 😉 Give your self three cheers for the work you’ve already done!!!!

    Writing my thesis was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. It took me months and months of writing. I would write pages, then decide that I hated what I wrote, that it didn’t make any sense, and that it was taking me in a different direction! I made a schedule for myself. I would read for an hour, write for an hour, revise for an hour, then take a break for an hour. After I repeated this process again, I quit for the day. I made myself do this five days a week! I only had a part time job in the afternoon, so it was sort of a break between the process.

    My second piece of advice is READING! (I say that because I am a Reading Specialist) Reading ALWAYS inspires me to write. That’s my BEST tip! Read the research you’re using again, or other papers, articles, studies, etc., on the topic.

    Sometimes when I write for technical purposes, I write as though I am giving a speech on the subject.

    That’s probably PLENTY of advice, and now you are probably saying, “NO MORE ADVICE!” LOL

  3. Hi There…I write for a living. I am a policy analyst and have written many long, rather technical reports in my career. In my experience, some things are very hard and time-consuming to write. I can spend an hour reviewing a study and drafting a few lines on the study to include in a report. This type of writing is very ponderous and time-consuming. Much moreso than writing a paper about a book where most of the paper is your opinion. SO, go easy on yourself. Some writing is more of a grunt than other writing. Secondly, it takes all of us some time to get back in the groove after the holidays. Thirdly, keep your eye on the goal. Degrees open doors. You may never have to write something as painfully long and tedious as a thesis again, BUT the completion of your thesis will open doors for you! So hang in there….keep plugging away at it….know when to give yourself a break…and be gentle with yourself. Kim

    • Thank you so much Kim, you are so right! I know it’ll open doors for me, I don’t know why I let this organic procedure keep me from enjoying the benefits of having my degree. And what’s even harder I think is not being so hard on myself, that’s tricky! But hey, I promise I’ll try my best. xx

  4. Maybe you need some good old fashion mind-trickery. Was there something you always ate or drank or wore while writing those 15-page over-night essays? Maybe if you brought out the same snacks or drink or clothes, your brain would think it has to think.

    • Lol, your comment made me giggle remembering all the silly things I did when I pulled those all-nighters, including all the stuff I ate and drank! So I’m gonna get me some Red Bull light and some crackers (don’t really know why it worked) and get to work tonight right after I re-read my sources. Thanks Mel!

  5. Sometimes this worked for me so it might help you too. Try breaking the day down into smaller timeslots – a hour or so. Work for the hour then make yourself a cup of tea, piece of toast or just walk around for ten minutes. After you’ve taken a break pick up the work you just did, read it, note any improvements you want to make (but don’t do them) and move on to the next piece you need to write. Each hour has a specific focus, you get to re-energise between sessions and you’ve made notes of the improvements so can do them at the end of the day. You’ll then have 6 or 7 hours work completed. It might be worth a go?

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