My Little Prince

So as I was saying on my previous post, this is a pic of my tattoo. I got it done in February of 2012, and I’ve loved it ever since. It was my first “major” tatt, since the other two are very small and in places where they can more easily be hid, but I was incredibly eager to get it because I was coming out of a major depressive, self-harm crisis, and it meant a sort of pact between me and… well, me, to survive that phase, and grow from it. Do you like it? (You have to say you do!) 😛

la foto (4)


6 thoughts on “My Little Prince

    • you do? oh i’m glad! i’m actually already thinking about a couple more i want to get, but i haven’t made a final decision as to the place and design, so i still don’t know when i’m gonna get them. i believe you have tats too? they’re awesome aren’t they? for me they represent different phases of my life where i’ve grown and changed.
      Hoping you had a nice day! xoxo

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