(Not) Employee of the month

Today I was late for work. Again. It was just 5 minutes but it still counts as a mark on my payroll. Last week there was a day when I was half an hour late. I’ve yet to celebrate the day when I’m not running around and driving like all hell broke loose just to be on time and of course, just like today, there are days when even that’s not good enough because in a place like Mexico’s City there’s just no way of predicting when traffic’s going to be demential, and that’s why one should always leave with a lot of time on their pocket.

I always set my alarm with plenty of time, but when I turn it off I just go back to sleep. I’ve even recruited BF to call me and convince me to get the fuck off bed, sometimes it works… most times it doesn’t. He says I always agree to get up, and make small affirmations like “Ok, I’m getting up, I’ve turned the light on, I’m gonna go get my clothes..” and so on, but the moment we hang up I get my lazy ass back in the sheets, there doesn’t seem to anything that motivates me enough to do otherwise.  I’ve given him lines that might work well, I’ve told him to remind me that I have to be professional, that I have responsibilities, that if I get up I’ll have enough time to actually enjoy my morning coffee, nothing works! In those precious moments I can’t think straight and just can’t find any good reason to get up and live.

I know this is a symptom related to my depression, but it hurts just the same to know I’m far, far away from being employee of the month. I’m used to being the best, or at least one of the best, and now I’m experiencing a period where I’m scratching not even being good enough, it’s hard to be a constant disappointment to myself. I know this job isn’t what I want for my life, but it’s a job, and I’m adult, or at least I claim to be, so it should be easy!

I’ve tried going to bed early, setting tons of alarms, promising myself expensive on-the-go-coffee or yummy homemade one, none of it works! What do you do when you have to get up early? Is it too hard? Do you have any good methods for getting out of bed? They’d be much appreciated!

28 thoughts on “(Not) Employee of the month

  1. To be honest the only thing that worked for me when I slept like a normal human was just to get up, once my feet hit the floor I was up not always wake mind you but I was up and able to find the coffee and for me that was good enough. Good luck hon mornings can be a bear. Grrrr

    • And it used to work for me too, but this situation is getting worse and I’m feeling a bit desperate. Today was a bit better, I just hope it wasn’t a one day thing. Thanks for your wishes and ((((hugs)))) back!

  2. Honey, I have a confession to make: I wake up late almost every day. I read some of your posts and it’s a bit spooky because we share soooo many things in common! If and when you find the magic formula, let me know. It’s a day to day struggle for me too!

  3. i set the alarm where i can hit the snooze 3-4 times, buy then i’m awake enough to get up, all though not happy about it, my anticonvulsants make me sleepy.
    the other option…get a dog…lol then you have no choice although mine has been trained not to need to go out in the am until at least 9 lol

  4. i use several alarms when i absolutely have to be there on time ( 🙂 ) 3 actually. the first 2 i don’t have snooze, so they only go off once. the 3rd one i set for 5 snoozes. that usually (fingers crossed) works for me! Good luck

  5. Once I set myself to arrive 10 minutes early. I came on time often. Of course there are exceptions when the weather does not allow. It is impossible to be in time all the time. Not with our kind of traffic. Once the boss noticed that I was often 10 minutes early, and that I started to work mostly on time, more often than some others. After some pondering in his head, he changed our schedule so that we were obliged to be 10 minutes early. I gave up after that, and lost my job soon after.

  6. Have you tried putting your alarm on the other side of the room, or even in another room. That way you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

  7. At first I had to smile when I read this post – because I do the very same with “the buddy” I sometimes mention. He calls me up early in the morning, we talk and I’m exactly like you, “Yes, I’m going to get up now…” but then I don’t.
    But I know it’s not really funny 😦 It’s very sad that we struggle so much with this. The only thing that really works for me is going to bed extremely early (which is mostly not doable because I have too much stuff to do, and I’m not a kid that goes to bed at 8 PM …. ) Wish someone would come up for the ultimate solution to this! xx

    • I’m sorry you also suffer with this issue! I’m glad it made you smile though, I guess that’s what happens when you find your struggles in someone else’s experience, maybe that’s why we all blog in the first place. So if I ever find a solution I’ll sure let you know! 🙂

  8. I used to have trouble with this a lot when I was depressed after my miscarriage. I was lucky enough to be working for a family member, so my hours were very lose and sliding (pretty much 6 hours a day from whenever I came in…usually around 10 or 11).
    But then I became worried about finances and had to find a secure place of employment. That was a real motivator for me to get up- the worry of losing income to pay my bills.

    And then I got a dog.

    Yeah, the dog works the best. Lol. Zoe doesn’t tolerate me sleeping in- she will literally lie on my face and attempt to suffocate me until I get up and take her outside.

    I wish I had other magic ideas for you. I do hope you find something that helps!

    • I’m sorry you had to go through that 😦 As for the dog, I actually just adopted one, but she must be the laziest dog ever so I can’t really count on her, lol. And my cats…well they’re cats so that’s out the window too 🙂 Thanks for you support and for sharing your experience Pen! xoxo

  9. I used to struggle with this! I tried setting an alarm (or my phone) across the other side of the room so I’d have to get up to turn it off. But then I started sleeping through it! The only thing these days that has worked for me is to force my eyes open and throw the covers off. Sometimes it works. Apart from that, as Pen said, having a dog was a sure thing. I had to get up else he would pee himself 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ve tried that before, but indeed I managed to sleep through the whole thing! Lol. The thing is in those crucial moments I don’t think straight, I forget why I need to get up and just cuddle back in the sheets with my kitty! 😦

  10. Do you feed your cats immediately upon getting up? When we do that, they start pestering us as soon as the alarm goes off and make terrible bothers of themselves until we get up and feed them. It’s really annoying, but now that I think of it, it could have its uses. 😉

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