The mother flu

I’ve come down with the flu. I saw it coming and took some vitamin C together with some anti-flu meds. It looked like I managed to dodge it, and the day I stopped taking any precautions, it hit me, and it’s pissed I tried to run from it. Good news is we have a long weekend ahead here in Mexico so I’m gonna get the chance to rest before I get back to dealing with screaming children. Kids (and me too) got to laugh at me today because the topic where seeing is ailments, and I usually act them out for them to guess, but when reached the land of  flu, runny nose, cough, and so on, there was no need for acting at all! 😆

I don’t really know what to talk about right now, it’s probably the headache. But I feel like writing, so I’m in a pickle. I’ve been thinking a lot about writing about my mom, I’ve been dancing around it ever since I wrote about my father. Maybe that’s what got me sick in the first place!

And that’s it really, I can’t really focus so I’m going to keep it short, though I’ll sure be back here on Sunday. It’s become a sort of ritual to write my demons out on the day that they haunt me most.

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