Mind blocked

Still nothing. I’m torn between a desire to write and a feeling of disgust towards it. And I know it’s still a mother-thing. I need to get it out of my system, but I’m too much of a coward. I. Just. Can’t. There’s a horror movie in theaters right now called Mom, lol, I think it’s a great name for a scary movie. Don’t know what it’s actually about but I know it’s a Guillermo Del Toro’s production so I wanna see it, and hopefully it won’t be triggering. (Or maybe I want it to be a trigger so I can get this over with?)

Today doesn’t seem like a regular Sunday because I don’t have to work tomorrow. Alleluia for long weekends. However, it also means I’m gonna miss my appt with Mr. Shrinky. I should do a post about him lol, after all, I’ve done one on N already. But I’m digressing. The mother is out of town and BF is enjoying his Super Bowl day with his friends so I’ve been pretty much left on my own, just chilling with the kitties. Also, I’m sad to report that Lula, the doggy addition to the household, had to go to another house; the kitties weren’t adjusting well to her and she was always scared and hiding from them. I’m glad se went to a nice home though, with a huge garden and where she’ll be properly looked after. This is the last pic I have of her, I’m the one holding her:


Maybe I’m not into the writing mood because this Sunday doesn’t feel like one, maybe tomorrow I’ll have something worth saying, or maybe my mind’s blocked until I let it have its way and write about what it wants to say? I guess we’ll see tomorrow who wins.

16 thoughts on “Mind blocked

  1. Been there, done that! Take it easy, will you? or, at least, try to. Words won’t fill your mind until you relax. I drove myself crazy these last couple of years for the very same reason. Yes, years and you know why? because I didn’t let go and wanted to write something! Anything no matter what!

  2. Very cute pic. My mind was blocked for 15 days walking around in a fog with so much to say and not knowing where to start. Inside I wanted to just explode and write every vulgar word i could think of and curse my Mother out in the blogging community. And Just maybe one day I will 🙂 Maybe we could do it together !!

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