Very inspiring blogger award 2013

A couple of weeks ago, two people thought of me when they received this award, and I’m so honored especially since this two bloggers are an inspiration for my life everyday,  you should definitely check out their sites. I’m talking about Benjamin Prewitt at, a great artist who shares with the world his amazing art and his daily struggles with young onset Parkinson’s disease; and Valentina at En el Jardín de los Elefantes, who finds and shares incredible and inspiring images.Now I’m supposed to share some facts about me. I’ve decided to do a sort of basic-facts-about-me list, so excuse me if you know this stuff already:

1. My favorites in the whole world:

-Books: The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) and The Lover (Marguerite Duras)

-Animals: Cats       -Music: Fito Páez       -Author: Proust  and M. Duras

-Cinema: Chaplin        -Place: the beach and the sea
2. I would do anything to spare an animal from suffering.
3. Whenever I see a plane fly by, I secretly wish I was on it, no matter its destination, better yet if it were as far away from home as possible.
4. I’ve wished to be a writer since I was 6 years old, when I wrote my first story.
5. I don’t believe in religion in any form, I do believe in a higher being somewhere out there, but one who’s not interested in us.
6. Sometimes I have problems expressing my thoughts in Spanish, usually when it’s personal stuff. That’s the main reason I have for writing a blog in English, because I’m able to deal more comfortably and more honestly with my emotional baggage.
7. I love all kinds of animals, I love them to death. Except for bugs. Can’t rationally deal with them and I have to accept they’re beyond me. I feel guilty for this.
8. I used to think I knew what I wanted from life. Now I’m lost and don’t know where to run off to. This is related to the fact that I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and started therapy for the first time in my life in late 2011, so I guess I’m on a journey not only to heal but to find myself amongst the shit. I’m not holding my breath though, I’ve become aware that this is gonna take time.

On the other hand, I’d like to mention the blogs that inspire me, but it’s getting hard to keep track of who’s in the accepting-awards business, and there are a few I’d like to mention that I know for a fact don’t accept them, so I’m just going to leave it out here in the hopes that the bloggers whom I follow find it, because I wouldn’t be following you if you didn’t inspire me. If I read your blog, I nominate you for this award, go on and take it.


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