My juju’s gone

I’ve been trying to write for days now, with no avail. I’ve been collecting a series of drafts that somehow I just couldn’t finish, I wasn’t feeling them. Have you ever lost your writing-juju? Is there anything you can do to get it back? I lost it for a week, and I’m not even sure if I really got it back, this is my first attempt at it.

Things have been moving forward though. I took the problematic memories I got back together with my horrible dreams to Mr. Shrinky’s office. We’re taking it little by little, but I’m handling these issues in a much better way, I’m no longer on edge or triggered. Also, my spring break is here! I’ve got two weeks off of work. Not that I can use them to rest, I still have a shitload of work to be done, but as BF wisely put it, I’d still have to do it with or  without the break. We are going on a flash trip to one of Mexico’s most famous villages, San Miguel de Allende, I’ll probably post some pics from there.

But I still don’t feel my juju back, where have you gone my dear juju! The thing is, despite what my “about” page says, I try not to post on WP the first ramblings that cross my mind, that’s what FB is for isn’t it? (I do post some of the same ramblings, but only after I’ve dipped them in some logic) I can even think about a bunch of things I’d like to talk about, but can’t really manage to write them down. So I’m pretty much screwed.

What do you do when your writing juju leaves you alone? I don’t think I can take it anymore!


29 thoughts on “My juju’s gone

  1. When I am really busy, it’s hard to write. Lately it’s been really hard to shut myself up, but what I am writing about is nearly 3 decades in the past. It really wants to come out. You will get it back when you are ready. When you have something you really want or need to share.

    I’m looking forward to reading your older posts. I need to give them the time. I can write much faster then I read and absorb. Is English your first language? If not, you have really grasped it! (that’s a compliment) You are really able to get feelings into the blog.

    • You’re right, I need to give it time, after what I’ve been through this month it’s really not a shocker I have a writer’s block, not to count I’ve been quite busy too! And thanks for the compliment! Spanish is actually my first language, not English, that’s why sometimes I worry I come off sounding too stiff or cold, so you have really just made my day! xx

  2. I don’t push it. I keep a diary with morcels of thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I tap from there. Often when I am not chanced or too bored, I write a very short 2 or 3 liner and find an appropriate picture.

  3. You’ve already received some lovely advice to I’ll keep mine mostly to YAY it’s you!!! My wonderful friend with writers block… Hmmm could it possibly be that part if the reason you started this blog was do to the high level stress and triggers in your life and now some time later your busy and coping with your demons a bit better?? Truly just a guess. Me I’ve only been writing in my journeys section once a week and it used to be a couple times a day. Who knows. I do know it’s great to see you and Johor you and BF have a great time on break.

  4. Right now, I’m having trouble not just writing for the blog, but even responding to other people’s posts. I can think of the type of thing that I want to say, but just cannot put words to it. And I get the distinct impression that what I do get out isn’t actually written entirely by “me.”

    So when you find your muse, can you ask if she has been hanging out with mine?

    • I can see my muse on the horizon, so maybe she’s coming back next to yours? I too had problems responding to comments (as you could probably see by how long I took to answer the ones on this post lol).

      Hoping you’re ok!

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  6. I always have so much to write about because my life has been a train wreck. I am just worried about how the rest of the world will perceive all of my insanity. I always love to read your blog. Hope Spring break was fun.

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