Been there, haven’t done that.

I’m back from my flash trip to San Miguel de Allende. I had never been there though it’s famous for two things: its beauty as a colonial town, and being the birthplace of Ignacio Allende (one of Mexico’s most prominent independency leaders). Oh and there’s a third reason San Miguel is famous for, though it’s not really a touristic attraction: its large foreign population.

I didn’t get to fully experience the town for the things it’s most famous for, though I did definitely have fun, the kind of fun I hadn’t had in quite a while. BF and I were invited by some friends of him to join them in their 3-day visit together with their two children. They took care of hotel reservations and said they would take us to the main landmarks and to eat at their favorite places since they’ve become regular visitors of the town. I have to admit I was worried because we had already taken a trip to Cancun with them a few years back, and it didn’t end well. We never did anything I was looking forward too, and their marital issues escalated to a point where it was difficult not only to relax but to have a good time altogether. I’m happy to report on this trip it wasn’t the case. The only minor inconvenience was their daughter’s attitude, but she’s about to turn 15 so there’s no shocker there really and it didn’t affect anyone’s mood.

We left early morning on Sunday so I stayed at BF’s on Saturday night so that we could have a little more sleep. On Saturday I opened up to him about the heart flips I’d been feeling, and that’s also the day when I discovered this was an anxiety-related issue since it improved if I took the anti-anxiety med. So I decided to take this med with me for the trip hoping I wouldn’t have to use it. Big surprise, I needed it everyday.  This flips, as I call them, were really ruining my chances of any fun at all, so I really had no choice but to suck it up and drink up (this med comes in drops). I also noticed this symptom comes around early in the evening, around 2 or 3pm and if I let it, it can boost itself up real quickly. I am however bringing this up next time I see N, maybe I’m being naive but I’m keeping my hopes up this is symptom temporary and I can work through it. I almost can’t believe I hadn’t brought this up before with neither of the two people I see regarding my mental health, I had honestly thought this was entirely physical or maybe I was just trying to ignore it and hope it would go away.

Anyways, we arrived there in the afternoon and went straight for lunch (I had already prepared myself mentally for the fact that I was gonna have to eat), and then headed to the hotel, wich is located outside the town, got settled in and relaxed at the pool for a couple of hours. Then we went into the city, disappointingly for me we didn’t tour the streets, instead we stayed at the downtown plaza, where we watched people go about their business. Nothing too different to what one can see in every other downtown plaza in Mexico, especially the central provinces, but still a colorful image: a guy with a horse taking pictures with tourists, a salsa band playing and couples dancing to their music, teens breakdancing in the kiosk, food and balloon vendors, people sitting down in benches, others walking around, you get the idea. While everybody was walking around watching all of this, and as I realized they had no intention of walking further away, I ventured in the nearby streets to try to know the place a bit. It’s a shame it was a Sunday night as almost everything was closed down, included Allende’s house-museum. All I could really see of him was this image on the corner of the house, and I have to admit I felt like some kind of gesture was in order, like secularly crossing myself or something lol.


Allende, homeland hero
Image credit: yours truly

After I was lost and found by them, we headed into the cathedral, a fine colonial building wich was beautifully lit. The only problem (only for me apparently) is that there was a mass going on, so we couldn’t really wander around. That for me ended any kind of business I wanted in the church and had to wait for everyone outside, and was back to observing people and balloons and dogs.


San Miguel’s cathedral
Image credit: yours truly

Then we went to have churros at a nearby churrería. Churros are actually one of the things I just can’t resist and so I had one, though I didn’t side it with cocoa as the custom mandates but with plain water. By the way, if you ever visit Mexico, you have to try them, they’re de-li-cious! After our small supper we headed back to the hotel. Cut. End of Sunday.

Churros con chocolate
Image credit:

On Monday it was somehow decided we would spend the day at the hotel and just go back to San Miguel for supper, so my chances of visiting the town were again slim to none. Still, I have to say I spent a way better day than I would have thought. After breakfast we went to one of the gardens and spent some time playing badminton. I’d never done that before because I never really had anyone to play with so besides the fact that I royally sucked at it, I had fun, and by the end managed not only to hit the thingy, but to get it across the field!

Then we spent some hours at one of the pools, which was entirely left for us. We played and played and played, I had a great time. When we got out and were heading back to our rooms we somehow ended up getting into the other pool which had heating and shadow, and so we spent a couple more hours there totally relaxing. We did eventually get out and showered, got dressed, etc, and went out for dinner and went to an italian place. I could’ve ordered a salad, but after such a nice day I decided to give myself a break and had a pasta sampler, I still have remorse about that. Having missed all hopes of venturing into the village, I wasn’t surprised when they wanted to head back to the hotel, but instead of going to sleep, we played cuban domino, which I love because I always win 😀

So, even if I didn’t get to do what I expected, I have to admit I spent a good day. In all honesty, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much, and I was entirely surprised by the fun and laughter that I was able to experience, I’m thankful for that. I guess right now, I needed that more than wandering around a colonial town or a museum, which is something I’m more much used too. Cut. End of Monday.

On Tuesday we had breakfast with them, but BF and I had to check out earlier because I had asked him to go see my aunt because of my uncle’s passing. She and my cousin P live in a city in the same state and though we did have to take a longer way home, it wasn’t so difficult to stop by. As we left the hotel I noticed this flower vase wich I loved both because it was so original and because I love daisies, so here it is:


Seeing my aunt was hard, she’s obviously very sad and has not come to terms with her husband’s passing, even if he was suffering so much. I just wanted to be there for her and let her know she’ll always be family for me (my blood relative was my uncle). Of course I didn’t put it as plain as that, but I’m just pissed at some of the remarks my other aunts and uncle made after leaving their brother’s funeral, which I heard through my mother since I didn’t attend the ceremonies. They said that now my uncle’s gone they had no further business in Irapuato and didn’t expect to come back ever, as if they had no family left there, as if they hadn’t been born and raised there. I should add P is not the only child of my aunt, she and my uncle had 3 more daughters and a son, but there’s no connection there really, even some really bad memories to say the least, and so I wouldn’t be troubled if I didn’t have to see some of them again. Gosh, I imagine this sounds harsh without further explanation, but this post is getting too long and I’m not sure I’m ready to discuss at length the family drama that has spanned over several generations, so I’m gonna have to stop it here.

So, to close this thing up, we visited my aunt, who was accompanied by her daughter G, who kept talking of cruises and beach apartments and speaking as if some friend’s distant cousin had died and not her father, but I also got to see P and M, another member of that side of the family whom I really care about. We couldn’t stay long as both BF and I had to wake up early the next day (ahem, which is why I shouldn’t be writing right now), but I did leave with the clear feeling that I don’t want to lose contact with some of them.

Some highway-driving hours later, here I am, at home with the kitties. The shitload of work has been patiently waiting for my return, and I only have 5 more days until everything needs to get done, so I’m off to bed now if I’m to be remotely productive tomorrow.

Outcome: sunburns (the sunblock I packed is laughing at me), lost of fun, laughter, tears, and 2 gained pounds (trying sooo hard not to think about that).

21 thoughts on “Been there, haven’t done that.

      • I love it… I love burritos, churros, and gazpacho… when I had Spanish at school, we cooked Spanish/Mexican food in our last class. And I once made churros at home with my best friend. Actually, after reading your post yesterday, I browsed the internet to find out whether they sell any churros over here. The only thing I found though is a guy who sells them at the local Christmas market, lol! But I’ll keep him in mind and pay him a visit in December 😀 xx

  1. I love churros, I love Mexico and the beautiful pools. Ohhh I want to be in a warm pool with the beautiful Mexican sun shinning down on me. How I wish I was there right now. I could totally envision the plaza and the vase. It sounds like all in all you had a good trip. Don’t beat yourself up to much over the pasta.

  2. I have never been south of New Mexico in the US, but it’s on my “to do” list. I would prefer a real, colonial town to one of the tourist resorts. Having fun is important. I have not had enough fun lately. I wish we were in a position to get a sunburn! I think I got windburn from the cold wind today! LOL

    • Lol I’m sorry you got a windburn! It’s getting pretty hot pretty quickly down here, and I wish we could enjoy cold weather just a bit longer. I love colonial towns because they transport me to past times, and also because they’re so darn beautiful. Luckily we have quite many of those here in Mexico.

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