A new baby boy!


He came to me on my birthday 2 weeks ago. My other baby boy, Silvester, came to me on my birthday too, 7 years ago. How could I say no to this baby face with a dark spot on his forehead that looks as if he had been rubbed with car oil?
I had been meaning to introduce him before but shrinky business got in the way. Anyways, I give you…Hemingway!

27 thoughts on “A new baby boy!

    • It’s actually funny how we came to that name. I wanted a cat named either Shakespeare or Nietzsche. But when my cousin, who gave him to me, thought he was a girl, she named him Tina. After I took a look at him I said: “ahem, I think we’ve got ourselves a Tino (I don’t know if this works in German, but in Spanish when a noun finishes in -a- it’s usually feminine, and when it ends in -o- it’s masculine), then the mother said: “You could name him Ernestino”, and that’s when it hit me, he had to be Hemingway! 😀 xx

      • 😀 Awesome! I once suggested to someone to name his guinea pig Shakespeare but he didn’t like that idea…. but I then thought to myself that if I get a pet it’ll be Shakespeare, no matter if the pet is female or not 😀 xx

  1. Very nice…My girlfriend has an old cat. She used to be super active catching mice and stuff. Now she sleeps all day. I have never had a kitten.

    Last summer my step daughter came home with a stray dog. It was very thin. We couldn’t find the owner. Turns out the odd little dog was pregnant. We had 5 puppies. It was very hard but it is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The little dog is now my constant companion and the puppies have great homes. We think she is a cross between a beagle and a pug. Sorry, had to share.

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