Adventures in exhaustion land

Ok, so the storm has passed. Not without leaving quite a havoc behind that is. The infamous Open Classes are done. Days and days without barely any sleep and escalating stress at unimaginable rates are done. It was a strange feeling, walking out of almost every one of them feeling I had royally screwed up, only to receive praise from everybody (apparently I saved the day in most of them as the head teachers were not getting it), including not only parents, but the big boss and the school owners as well. Strangely, instead of feeling relief because of this, I found myself even more distressed. Ever-nosy Mr. Shrinky says I’m scared of being anything more than good-enough because that involves responsibility and growing up.

I did try to leave some of my experience behind on this blog, but as I was running on emergency battery, I just couldn’t manage writing anything more than a couple paragraphs and so I ended up with lots of strange drafts that don’t make much sense. Still, so many shit has being going down I wish I’d written a little about it. Today is actually the first day in weeks that I can just sit back and breathe for a moment, and be on my own, maybe I’ll even have enough energy left to do another post later on today.

Right now I’m cat sitting for a cousin since she and her hubby went away for a couple of weeks and didn’t want kitties to be left all alone. I’m only about 15 minutes from home but it’s still pretty nice to be “away”, and specially alone. Well, except for  young Tao, a tabby boy who won’t leave a minute of peace for poor old Maja except when I distract him with as many games as I can think off. I still know that the minute I walk out of here he’s going back to nagging the old gal, I’m sorry for her!

I imagine over the next few days I’ll be trying to catch you up on all the craziness going on at Daniville, but I just wanted to report in and let y’all know I’m not on suicide watch or anything lol, just super-duper-extra-hyper tired, and I’m just trying to get over it. When my freakin’ 7 open classes were done I was absolutely fumigated, couldn’t even manage to eat, drive, or even take my clothes off to go to bed that night! I even answered an urgent email from Mount Olympus half-asleep, only to run to my inbox a few hours later freaked out of my mind because of the ridiculous mambo-jambo I had probably sent to an academic already pissed at me (I’m happy to report I found out I’m able to produce coherent emails with only half a brain running).

And then, when I pulled myself out of bed and went to job like a zombie the very next day, I honestly couldn’t be more surprised or shocked that I was expected to go back to my regular 8 to 3 Oral Expression classes (I hadn’t been teaching “normally” for over a week because of rehearsals and classroom decorations, and then the actual open classes), so yeah, I did feel kind of like this:


To make matters even worse I lost my Red Sorghum copy!! I was so into that book! I’ve looked all over for it, but it seems like I’m going to have to buy it back (only to find it sitting right on the table or something just as I come home from the bookstore I’m sure) But well, I might jus continue with the rest of my recent bookworm purchases and go back to it at the end of summer, who knows.

Right now I’m just hanging with lovely Tao and Maja, though I terribly miss my babies Hemingway and Silvester. Jus know that I expect to have the system up-and-running this coming week, so please stay tuned, and do forgive me for flying off radar!




10 thoughts on “Adventures in exhaustion land

  1. Sorry your so exhausted, sounds like so much work. But as I expected you being you rocked the planet by being so darn smart. Oh and it’s pretty normal to not want to be the big brain in campus, but it must be nice to know the titles yours if you want it right?
    Those kitties are beautiful and who that beautiful girl holding that cat 😉 maybe you can introduce me lol sorry I’ve been up since 1:30am I’m just being silly.
    Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week. If you need a copy of that book email me I’ll have mrs get one to you ASAP okay?
    Hope your purrrr-fectly happy.

    • Aww your so sweet! I hope by now you have gotten some sleep mister, body needs to rest in-between all that painting! I’d love to introduce you to the girl holding the cat btw, got a feeling you could talk to her for hours! Have a wonderful week too my friend, and thanks so much for the offering on the book! Right now I’ve settled with Le Miserables, maybe by the time I’m done with it my Red Sorghum copy will have found its way back into my arms? Lots of hugs!


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