Adventures in exhaustion land, part 2

Wow, can’t believe I’m back here for the second time today!

Remember I told you earlier today that I lost my Red Sorghum copy? I’m almost devastated, but mostly surprised, that I misplaced a book. I mean, A BOOK! I’m known as a serial misplacer of keys and important documents, a relapsing offender when it comes to wallets and overcoats, and an occasional car-misplacer (yes, car, as in vehicle; and occasional, as in more than once) but I’ve never lost sight of a book I’m reading before, which, considering my record, is quite an achievement and it doesn’t go without saying how much I’m addicted to my books.

So today I found solace from my Mo-Yan-delirium-tremens in yet another literarish addiction…though this one is actually a little embarassing… I’ve been reading Les Miserables by you know who* all day long. Now, there’s nothing wrong about reading Le Mis right? The thing is, I recognize it as a sign of a fixation going deeper. It all started when I saw the big time musical premiered this year. I’d seen the Gerard Depardieu version years ago and remember being a little interested but mostly over it as soon as it was finished. Now as for the musical, I’d never even heard a song from it, and the fact that hot sugar daddy Hugh Jackman was playing Jean Valjean had nothing to do with my newfound interest in it but yet, I watched it. And then I watched it again…and then again. Then I bought the soundtrack. The extended soundtrack that is. In all honesty, I pre-ordered it from iTunes, not caring for the fact I used to make fun of iTunes pre-sales, as if they’re going to run out of copies of something, please!

After a month some weeks of endless replays (minus the Javert songs that is, did they not actually listen to Russel Crowe sing beforehand?), I finally decided to end it before it was too embarrassing. But I’m still happy when the iPod randomly chooses a song from it. I still occasionally fall off the wagon and play I Dreamed a Dream or One Day More, but I’m growing stronger!

Anyhow, during the peak of this hang up, I happened to be at my favorite bookshop and decided to get myself a copy of Le Miserables and get it over with. But evidently, I had already read enough reviews and memorized the Wikipedia article well enough to know I wasn’t in for Hugo’s endless soliloquies that had little next to nothing to do with the actual story. I tried to be the big reader once with The Brothers Karamazov and it didn’t go well, or rather at all: after managing to get through half,  a quarter, some chapters of the book, I was so annoyed by it that I hid it in the lowest, darkest shelf I could find.

So I did go through some trouble to choose the right edition for me. Not that there were any great choices, sadly. But when I found one that cynically removed the infamous twelve chapters that precede the actual story, I thought I had found my edition. The first chapters are okay, I spotted one or two typos which I condescendingly overlooked. Then I encountered entire words that were not only obviously misspelled but misplaced as well. And now, almost reaching half the book, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this particular edition was overseen by a lolcat:

lol cat le mis

I’m still going through with it though. That’s the only way I’ll know if I’m up for the real version or not. The rest of my to-read books are much more interesting and have been selected in way more respectable editions, but I didn’t want to go all in for them before actually finishing Red Sorghum, which I’ll end up buying again if it doesn’t show up when I finish my stash of Le Mis.

Wow, talk about getting side-tracked! All this was just to report that I’ve been following instructions of rest and rest, accompanied with some rest. At least for today. Tomorrow I have to go back to work. I’m not only over the idea I have to go return to regular days, but I’ve managed to convince myself it’s better than the never-ending havoc that I lived the previous weeks, which is true, just not the much-needed vacations that are still a little more than a month ahead.

And now that I’ve gone on and on about that, I’m not going to dwell into what I really wanted to talk about: my extreme fatigue, the one that won’t go away with a weekend’s rest. And I won’t talk about it anynore because, well, ahem, I’m exhausted. But as I said on my earlier post, I do intend to keep the dust off this blog, so maybe I won’t feel so exhausted to talk about exhaustion tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll be so exhausted of exhaustion I’ll come back and write about something else entirely. In any case, I think I’ve mentioned the word exhaustion enough to justify not changing this post’s title, I’m just  way too exhausted for that 😉 Also, here’s a pic of one of the kitties playing a heartfelt interpretation of Le Mis and exhaustion, I think he nailed it, plus the image gives me a nice little round argumentative circle, doesn’t it?


‘Til next time!

* If you don’t, just pretend you do but remember to put it on your to-google list

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