“I love moving out!” said no one ever.

Fail: Packing all of your everyday shoes in a box, and then having that very same box disappear during the moving.

Win: Boyfriend buying you all kinds of new everyday shoes for you not to go to work in platforms and above-knee leather boots.


Win: Recommending a certain kitty pheromone product to fellow blogger for recently adopted stray kitty to settle in.

Epic Fail: Not acquiring the same product I recommended for my overly anxious kitty to handle the moving and the adaptation period to the new house.


My Silvester during one of his rare outings from the blankets

I’ve recently moved, or change quarters if you like. I don’t think I can quite say I moved out though, as this happened still with the mother. In my favor, I can say this time I really don’t intend to stay for long. In fact, to keep me from forgetting this, I’m not unpacking a lot of stuff (hence the everyday vs. special occasions shoe-packing). Bad news is, I was counting on a raise to make the moving-out thingy a little easier. This has nos been the case.

This assumption wasn’t entirely out-of-place. Remember how stressed out I was about my Final Presentations? Well, they were not only a success among parents, but among the owners too. I ended up receiving a bonus (a tiny one, true) and a private acknowledgment of my work as being above expectations and standard in school. And yet, when in came the time to sign my new contract, what did I get? An “adjustment” (yes, they dared calling it that) of 200 bucks. I mean, honestly! D’ya know how much are 200 pesos in dollars? Well, I checked: as of August 1st, I’ll be earning (try not to get over-excited for me) 15 more dollars!…monthly…just for me! In any case, even if this is not good news, I guess it’s not bad news either, I’ll just have to modify my plans. As soon as I manage to pay off my debt I’ll be free to be free. I’ll just have to do it quicker than I thought.

However, for a girl and kitty who hate change more than almost anything else, this is becoming a harsh period. I mean, I even have trouble getting out of the car when I get to whatever place I was headed, now I got out of a place I lived in for 10 years, and exposed Silvester to a whole new level of stress he wasn’t even aware existed (he spends his entire days under the blankets), only to probably be doing it all over again in about a year*.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the long-lost-brother factor. As of today, I’ve met him 3 times in the last 26 years. All of them within the space of the last 2 weeks though. He’s nothing but great, and I’m nothing but thrilled that we’re in touch and getting to know each other, but that doesn’t mean this new presence hasn’t stirred deep feelings and provoked the sensitization of old wounds (I’ll get there on a later post). He’ll be in and out of town for some time now, so I won’t see him for longer than I’ve known him,

In a nutshell: My life’s upside down right now, and there’s not a lot of things to hold on to for the dizziness to settle in. That’s why I’ve considered so important to continue writing here I guess. It gives me perspective, as your comments do too.

What you think moving is going to be like

What you think moving is going to be like

What moving is really like

What moving is really like

*The reason I’m not talking about the other kitties, is they’re not half as anxious/stressed/depressed as Silvester. They’re jumpy for sure, but are handling change way better.

11 thoughts on ““I love moving out!” said no one ever.

  1. im gonna be moving as well in about a month. no one, no one, likes the actual move day. but once it gets to its destination, it gets a lot better. sorry for all the upside ness you are having, and all the stress of it too. at least its a bit better than when your thesis was still due.

  2. Big changes are stressful for everyone involved. Be kind to yourself and let yourself take time to adjust! I’m moving out of my house at uni on Thursday… let the packing commence! No idea how I’m going to pack everything up and fit it in the car again! Hope life becomes less topsy turvy soon! xxx

  3. Yep, moving is a real pain in the you know what! However, I will cross my fingers for you that you will be moving OUT before too, too long…

    I’m happy for you that things are proceeding well with your brother. 🙂

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