Out of range

Ok, so I’m having the best of times! Just yesterday BF and I had the most fun we’ve ever had on a trip. And it’s not that we did wild or different things, it’s just that everything was perfect! From breakfast right to going to bed.

We’re in Los Cabos, staying at a hotel right between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. We stayed here too the first time we came here 1.5 years ago, but were having a greater time 🙂 We’re doing “interpretations” of much of the stuff we did last time, but knowing the area beforehand gives you a huge jump start!

Just today for example, we took a boat trip to the Arch, a rock that’s right on the edge of the California’s peninsula (there’s supposed to be no land from that point onto Patagonia). We did the same thing last time, but it was so different. This time around we knew not to take the hotel tour, they charge millions and it’s not even the best experience. It’s perhaps the comfiest one but you don’t get to stay at the beaches right on the Arch that are inaccessible by land. We knew we needed to get to the marina and find ourselves a taxi boat that would give us a much closer look of the Arch and surrounding rocks, and could leave us if we wanted in the beaches I mentioned above and come back for us when we wanted.

After they came to get us we stayed at San Lucas’ public beach and had a grrrreat afternoon. The beach had soft sand with no rocks on sight, the water was completely swimable and had absolutely no seaweed or other thingies you might step on (I hate to admit it but I get easily freaked while on the ocean water. It’s not hard to hear a panicked scream out of me now and when if I see or feel anything that goes into my thingy radar, it’s embarrassing really), and we had a super tasty lunch right there in a beach club.

So in general, 5 stars for yesterday! For the trip in general, I’d give it 5 stars too were it not for a minor, yet crucial issue for me: the Internet connection.

The hotel allegedly has wi-fi all over it (this is a big resort), but truth is it’s so slow most of the time it’s impossible to do most stuff, including blogging. And it’s not like I can just use my phone’s Internet either because I have no signal there either! BF’s trying to take it with philosophy, you know, a really-get-away-from-everything approach, but it’s really hard for me if I didn’t prepare beforehand.

Right now for example, I just casually happened to pick my phone while on a reeeeally-early-morning-bathroom-visit and found a great connection and speed, yay! So yeah, I’m going right back to bed, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without paying respect to my dearie bloggy.

Also, it’s really not fun to blog on a phone, but since I left the iPad at home after successfully packing it’s charger I don’t have much option. I did try to use the computers here but hey! What kind of schedule is 9 to 5 anyways!? If you’re at a resort, those are exactly the hours you’ll be having fun in the sun or exploring out and about! Sure, you can call it “business center” and all, but you could be kind enough to not make it available only during business hours, guests are taking a break from just that for god’s sake!

Anyway, tantrum over, I guess I just really miss blogging and I’ve been wanting to share so much stuff with ‘ya! The only thing I miss more than my blog are the kitties 😦 I just hope I still got a clue about what I wanted to write about when I get home.

In any case, since I’m too sleepy right now to make much sense anyway, I’ll leave you right here with some pics from the trip.

P.D. Please bypass any format, spelling, and/or syntax mistakes, give me a phone-early-morthing-WC-visit break!










Bikinis ✓
Shampoo ✓
Sunblock ✓
Cat ✓

2 thoughts on “Out of range

  1. You look AWESOME and like you’re having a wow of a time! Thanks for the update – I hate typing on phones or my iPad and I’m glad you had to go to the bathroom!

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