Bad day

Today I simply found no patience in my heart to deal with the children.

Not entirely true.

I did show patience, I was lovely and gracious, but it was all fake.

Inside all I wanted was for them to shut up and leave me alone. Wow, that sounds too harsh for a grade school teacher doesn’t it? But it’s the truth, and if any other teacher tells you they’ve never felt this, well I would bet they’re lying their ass off.

The kids were the same as usual, which is not so bad really, but I know the one with the problem is me. I feel stuck and don’t know how to un-stuck myself. I’m supposed to hand in my final thesis chapter, I’m actually several days behind schedule, but I haven’t done much besides opening the file and staring (yes, not even reading) at it.

Man, I just had a shitty day and want to talk about it but I need to password protect my thoughts. If you’re interested, I’ll gladly give it to you. If I’d already given it to you, it’s the same one!

Oh and btw, sorry for the rant!