Tomorrow is my last day at the beach, the day after that we head over to the city of Morelia in the state of Michoacán, and I’ll be home by New Year’s Eve. I haven’t posted much since I’ve been quite busy doing nothing and nothing by the sea. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been reading, and doing this:


and hanging out with this guy:


Right now I’m reading The Hobbit ’cause after watching the film I remembered how much I loved it and also I realized I didn’t remember much of it.

As for our doggie company, we still haven’t figured out who he belongs to, but we’ve seen him everyday at the beach and he plays, runs, and swims with anyone willing to do it with him. The strongest theory is he’s with someone who sells stuff at the beach and who lets run about until it’s time to go, we just haven’t seen anyone responsible for him yet.

I’ve also been feeling fat, like I could be mistaken for a beached whale any second, which makes wearing a swimsuit a painful task 😦 but at least I’ve managed not to feel this every second of everyday.