Is it awards season already?

So I got nominated for two awards y’all! I know many of you aren’t in the accepting awards business, but as I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for nominations, can’t help to be cheered up by them and that’s why I like to do an acceptance post and everything, please bear with me.

The first award was a gift from Petrel41 at Dear kitty. Some blog. I hadn’t heard from this one, but I’m honored I was thought of. The Reality Blog award is apparently an acronym for… well you can see it on the picture I guess.


I’m required to answer to five questions, so here it goes:

1) If you could change something what would you change?

I would stop animal suffering, starting by bull fights and animal testing.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

My first years of college. I think that’s when I’ve been happier and more focused.

3) What one thing really scares you?

The universe, infinity scares the hell out of me. It’s funny coming from someone who gets depressed with beginnings and endings. I just can’t settle with anything can I??

4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it?

My PhD, and I think I’m slowly getting there.

5) If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be?

Someone happy. (It didn’t sound so sad in my head!)

The second one was a gift from Kat at Me: Finding the Missing Pieces who was so nice as to present me with an award I’d been looking forward to posting in my homepage as it’s so darn pretty :D, just take a look!

liebster-blog-award (1)

For this one I’m supposed to answer 11 questions, then choose 11 other nominees for this award, and then create 11 different questions for the nominees. I don’t know if number 11 is magic for someone or what’s the deal with the 11/11/11, but fine, I’ll do it (only because my magic number is 13 and I don’t want to add up more work lol)

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you have nothing else to do?

My answer should be divided in two parts. What I do in my free time when I’m OK and what I do when I’m depressed. (Which is quite often if you’ve been following me). In the first situation I would normally read, maybe watch a movie, and if I feel energized visit a museum, like I did on Saturday (yay!)

In the second case, I have to admit that I’ll sleep. A LOT. When I’m feeling down I just wish to be absent from the world and sleeping is the best answer for that. Also, I’ll simply be sleepy all the time so I’ll find time to sleep even when I don’t have that much spare time.

2. What is your favorite time of day, and why?

My absolute favorite part of the day is the late afternoon. For one thing, watching the sunset is simply awesome, and secondly, it is around the sunset that I feel very much energized,on the good days I even feel like I had a Red Bull or something.

3. Where is your favorite place?

The beach. I could live by the ocean without hesitation. The beach and the sea are soothing for me and I know I’ll have to live in a city by the sea sometime in my life.

4. Do you like to [be] busy all day, or have your day open?

I prefer to be busy doing things I choose to do, I hate days when time goes by doing something you dislike or simply don’t really want to do like, well, work.  😉

5. What is your favorite beverage?

Coffee! Thank God® for coffee!

6. Do you prefer to eat out, to have dinner made for you, or to make dinner yourself, and why?

I prefer a home cooked meal but since my cooking doesn’t go any further than sandwiches and quesadillas, I have to do with eating out. I am very picky about food though, so it’s sometimes difficult to find something I really like.

7. What is your favorite kind of pet, and why?

It’s a close call between cats and dogs. Right now I live with four enslavers cats so I guess I’d had to go with that, but dogs are also very good pets. As a pet, what I like most about cats is their independence, as an animal I love their wit and cuddling with them. As for dogs, their loyalty is what makes me think they’re awesome pets and their innocence and playfulness are the traits I like the most about them.

I love birds and fish, but I don’t like to have them as pets because it breaks my heart to see them held in cages, whether they’re made of steel or glass.

8. What is your favorite area of study (professionally or just for fun) and why?

History! Both professionally and for fun. I’m mean and I love to laugh at people, but if I do it in their face it’s usually considered rude. However, when they’re dead they can’t get you for it. Truth is I’ve found that nothing makes me laugh as much as history, and for that matter there’s hardly any other area of study that motivates me as much. I could definitely come up with a more serious answer, but my most honest one is this one.

9. What’s the most common thing you talk about with friends and family?

I don’t really talk much, but I guess it’d have to be something related to cats, lol.

10. Do you have a hobby or pastime, and if so, what is it and why do you enjoy it?

Reading and writing are my favorite hobby, and in my wildest dreams I make a living out of these two things. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with WP, I never would have thought I’d find so much talent and that I’d be so motivated to share my writing.

11.  Do you think we should have to do all this to get an award, and why or why not?

I think part of the point of accepting an award is sharing stuff about you, that’s what makes it interesting for others to read your post, so I agree with the part about answering questions about you. What I’m not so sure about is the part about nominating a specific number of blogs, I think we are free to nominate as many or as few as we choose.

And just because I’m nice like that, my nominations are double, so you get a combo ladies and gentlemen! Two awards for the post of one!

Needless to say, there’s no specific order in the nominations, and I did not nominate nearly as many bloggers as I would’ve liked. Actually, I think I’d like to give an award to so many bloggers, but I tried to choose ones I hadn’t nominated for something before. I chose these bloggers because I admire them and they inspire me everyday with their writing. Also, I tried to leave out people whom I know have award-free blogs, if I included you in the nominations and this is your case, sorry!

Anyhow, If I chose you, it’s because you bring light into my life, I appreciate you and your struggles. It makes me happy that you’re happy, and it makes me sad to read you’re sad. I also consider you a talented writer, and I think you should be rewarded for that.

Anyhow, the nominees are…!

As for the questions I’m suposed to propose, beware ’cause I’m in a silly mood right now, so don’t think too much into them. And here they are!

1) If you could be a historical character, who would you choose?

2) What is your favorite book?

3) Would you vote for me if I was running for president?

4) Do you have pets? Introduce them please!

5) If you were given 1 million dollars, what would you spend them on?

6) What do you like to read about?

7)  Favorite band? Music?

8) What makes you feel good when you’re down? (Go do it right now!)

9) If you could meet someone from the past who would it be?

10) Mac or PC?

11) If some non-profit organization asked you to blog for them, which one would it be?

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