Taking a shower: a challenging task

Taking a shower can be so hard sometimes. It amazes me how something most people take for granted can be such a difficult thing to do for me. There are days when I have to take it step by step. Literally, step by step. There are also days when I just can’t bring myself to doing it.

Just take your clothes off Dani, you can do it. Now, just get inside the shower, just that. Then I’ll stay under the water for some minutes, making my mind up to just grabbing a bit of soap and start rubbing it on my body.  I also have to do this step by step; on the hard days I’ll usually start with my arms and shoulders and work my way outwards.

It puzzles me how on occasions taking a shower can be such a therapeutic experience, and sometimes an absolute torture. Today it was neither, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

“Young woman taking a shower”

“Young woman taking a shower”
(Kazuya Akimoto)