A little present…

Remember the mushroom kittens? Well they’re all safe and sound in they’re respective homes. There were 5 of them and they went to 3 different houses. They did leave a gift behind though…my boy Sylvester is still battling the skin fungus. I’ve given him meds, ointments, lotions, nothing seems to work completely, his natural defenses are just too low. And what’s really the worst part is that he’s always looking at me in the most suspicious way, like I’m always about to do something to him, and he gets easily startled, that makes me sad because I can’t even tell for sure if we’re done with the treatment or if he’s going to need something else. He’s been looking down and his eyelids had been red and swollen so I took him to the vet where they told me I need to give him shots in his eyes (though nothing else seemed wrong luckily) and they said it was probably a reaction to something. Besides, medicating this cat is almost putting your life in danger! lol

Last month he also came down with a cold, so it’s really been one thing after the other and it just breaks my heart to see that he’s not at his best. I don’t know if my writing shows it but from all my 4 kitties, he really is my baby. Right now he’s next to me (as always I might add), but he looks sad:

bombon sad



I know some of you have struggled to with your pets’ health, it’s a damn tough thing to watch them struggle isn’t it?