The Little Princess

I looove agendas, they’re like, my thing. And I looove The Little Prince, it’s my favorite book in the world! And my friend Mary just gave me an agenda of The Little Prince! How cool is that? It’s just adorable, and I love it even more because this is such a thoughtful present, she’s a doll. Here’s a pic of it:


Did you know I have three tattoos? Well I do, and one of them’s an illustration from this book. It’s the image of the Little Prince flying away from his planet with the help of a flock of birds. This image is very significant for me because the Little Prince had to leave home to realize his planet, and specially the flower he took care of in it, were beautiful and special, but he could only see this after a long, far away journey that took him to many different planets inhabited with different characters that (as I see it) were deluded in different ways. The last planet he visited was Earth and it’s there he found, with the aid of a fox, that his flower was just a simple rose and that there were a lot of them; yet his flower was special because it was his, and he loved it.

There’s a lot more to read into on the book, but I’ll leave that to you. It’s such a short yet deep and meaningful book, and every single time I’ve read it I’ve found a new meaning on it. I really recommend it! Plus, it’s a reading that’s not gonna take you longer than a couple of hours 🙂

Back to where I was, this story means a lot to me because it reminds me I’m on a healing journey that’s taking me to many different, sometimes deluded or obsessive, places, but in the end I’m only trying to return home with tools (the Little Prince came back with a drawing of a sheep in a box made for him by a Pilot, the narrator of the story) that aid me in taking good care of it. It’s the promise I made myself to get to the other side of this depression, to fight it and to find my home, whatever that may be.

Anyways, here’s the image I was talking about:

the little prince - birds

I’m gonna post the image of my tattoo, which is on my back, on my next post, but I’m gonna put a password on it just to prevent random people seeing it on their screens. If you’d like the password you’re absolutely welcomed to ask for it!

The Butterfly Effect

I’ve always been one to observe people. Most of the time they’re gestures, attitude, or sometimes even their tone speak louder to me than the words coming out of their mouths. I guess I’m more of a looker than a hearer, and it does get me in trouble every once in a while when someone catches me off guard and notices how I didn’t seem to pay attention to a word they just said; it’s just that I wasn’t paying attention to what they wanted me to, but to what they usually don’t want me to.

Now, when it comes to being watched, I’m probably no more comfortable than most people, but most people don’t really seem to notice or observe others so I’m not usually in that place. And then there are the tattoos: a butterfly sniffing a flower on my lower belly, and The Little Prince flying away from his planet on my upper back. I never imagined they would prompt such a wide range of reactions, or that people would tend to be so eager to share them with me.  Some probably won’t ever see them or notice them, but when they do, especially for the first time, chances are they’ll want to tell me all about it.

However, noticing their reaction does tell me more about them than the other way around. The one I like the most is the honest no-reaction face, where they’ll see them just like something completely ordinary, add them to their recollections of me, and then we can move on and forget about it; maybe they’ll even be mentioned in the future, though more as a natural part of people sharing themselves. The funniest one is the pretend-I-saw-nothing face, where the person in particular will have to gather all of her strength just to NOT look at them, it will bother me a little bit but mostly it will entertain me. Then there’s the Ahem-excuse-me-I-don’t-know-you-but-I-love-your-tattoo reaction, which doesn’t entirely piss me off though it’s still uncomfortable to have some complete stranger telling you how much they love a part of your body. The opposite reaction I’ve only had once, and it left me so shocked I didn’t even know how to respond; I was writing my name down on a list before a lecture, when this old folk taps on my shoulder and goes “Excuse me, but is that the Little Prince?”, “Why, yes. Yes it is sir”, “Oh, I thought so… I guess it’s nice, though why would you want something like that on your back?…Well, to each their own, right?”, to which I could only answer in a soft voice: “Indeed”. And I was almost forgetting about the one where simple acquaintances expect me to share my tats’ personal meanings like we’re talking about what we had for breakfast.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the least of my concerns when I get tattooed is people’s reaction to my chosen modification, though it’s something I have to deal with every once in a while. I also wonder if it’s something cultural, and what other people with a lot more tats and piercings may have to deal with here in Mexico, ’cause if this happens to a fresa girl who’s got just a few tats… Anyway, of course this is no reason for me to hide them, of course I like to have them seen and appreciated, and most times I’ll even share their story if asked, but don’t expect me to always be in the mood for it, because the way I decide to live within my body is not a free pass for everybody to give me their opinion about it every single time. (I swear it din’t sound so bitter in my head!)

By the way, this is the reaction I absolutely love the most. It comes from Mrs. Gobby and it is wordless, has a perfect balance between awe and approval, and if you can manage to put this face on for my tattoos, or even better, just for me, I’ll adore you! (though I have to say, if you’re reading this, you probably lack the mandatory whiskers needed for that).