Safe and sound

I’m currently writing this post on the notepad of my tablet. My internet browser keeps crashing so I can’t read other blogs, I feel like I’m trying to talk to someone in a dark room without really knowing if they can hear me, but I can’t really complain, even if I’m suffering from not having my computer with me, I get to be the beach, yay!
This isn’t the first time I’ve escaped Xmas celebrations but it is the first time I get to spend it all alone with BF, and that’s just awesome. Plus, I absolutely love the ocean, and Mexican beaches are incredibly beautiful, so there is no downside to this trip.
Also, ever since I cheated on my shrink I decided to try to be more ordered about my meds, and it’s worked out most of the times. I really want to be ok for me to enjoy this trip and not spoil it both for me and BF, though I feel the demons of self-harm creeping in and I’m just trying to keep them at bay, because I know if I fall for them things could get ugly. Xmas is a tough time for me (though not half as much as my birthday apparently), but I’m determined to have a good time! 😉
Today we left Guadalajara for Vallarta, a trip that lasted about 5 hours, which took so long because things got interesting thanks to BF racing and a police officer pulling us over because of it. BF is a good lad, and he was probably racing because he got desperate of being stuck behind a truck for over an hour in a one lane highway. However, he’s a good lad with really bad luck, he not only got us pulled over, but he crashed the car door on his finger while getting out, and now his finger is purple and in pain, we’re hoping tomorrow morning it’s better or we’re gonna have to find a doctor.
When we finally arrived at Vallarta, the first thing we did was go out for dinner. We ended up in a lovely Cuban restaurant, and after that we just walked around the malecón before going back to the hotel, we don’t have any more plans for today as we’re so tired from the road trip.
In the morning we’re gonna have to find out what we want to do at night (here in Mexico Xmas is celebrated on the evening of the 24th), because BF wants to do something special, but we’re basically spending the day at the beach, which to me sounds like a damn fine plan.
I’m getting tired of typing on the screen of this thing so I’m gonna stop it here, I hope it all goes well tomorrow, and I’ll try to keep the posts coming in, though I depend on the wimps of this iThing.